With the rise of technology, the strategies of advertising and marketing companies have completely changed. The use of banners and pop-up ads dominate every website and search engine. Commercials have transcended into bizarre, nonsensical explosions of subliminal product impulse buying. However, most businesses have found that a large portion of product and service sales come from their products being advertised on tangible, everyday items.

    Internet and television ads can cost businesses millions of dollars, depending on the time slot or website that they want their ad to appear on. Truly smart businesses will realize that the use of a time slot or web page is not necessary to advertise their product or service. Something as simple as a custom promotional sport bottle can get the word out about a company without costing much more than a few hundred dollars, depending on the amount produced. They are typically cheap to produce and distribute, and are functional, practical ways to get a business’s product or service into the eye of the consuming masses.

    A slew of other everyday mediums exist for businesses to advertise their product or service on. A custom promotional plastic cup is a useful item that carries a companies name or product virtually everywhere that the individual using the cup travels. A custom promotional grocery bag is inexpensive, eye catching, and is so practical that it will be seen my multiple people every day throughout its uses. A custom promotional cup can also be made out of other materials besides plastic, to potentially advertise a material or environmental ideal that a company is trying to portray to potential consumers.

    To appeal to different age groups, a variety of mediums can also be utilized. For older individuals, or individuals with families, a custom promotional fanny pack can be a walking billboard slapped in direct line of sight of any passers by. Because of its functional nature and ability to carry a company’s name, logo, or product, a fanny pack is essentially a marketing or advertising departments dream. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute, and serve as a walking advertisement for a product, service, or company.

    To appeal to younger age groups, such as high school or college students, school supplies can be an incredibly cheap and effective way to advertise. Promotional highlighters, pencils, pens, rulers, notebooks, book bags, folders, and binders can be an incredibly cost effective way to appeal to a desired age demographic. They can also catch the eyes of students’ parents and fellow classmates, further increasing their marketing potential. Due to peoples’ tendency to snatch up anything that is free, and the relatively low cost of producing everyday items, multiple mediums should be considered in marketing decisions for businesses.

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